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Spoiler Free Captain Marvel Review

Captain Marvel Trailer

Imagine if you will, waiting in line at Disneyland for a ride you’ve been waiting ten years to ride. You’re almost there. Your adrenaline is pumping and you’re READY. But wait a minute…you gotta go to this room first and watch a safety video real quick. But it’s not like a regular safety video, it’s a COOL safety video. For some reason, there’s a narrative to follow and look, Rocket Raccoon will show you how to fasten your seat belt! 

Welcome to that as a movie. 

For Marvel to introduce somebody this all powerful and potentially game changing at this juncture is something only Marvel could get away with and get away with relatively well. Things that are cannon feel fresh without the eye rolling, wink-wink, a lesser origin story at the tail end of a multi-layered, world-building, beast of a cinematic universe Marvel is mere weeks away from wrapping up and moving on from. It makes sense that Marvel would keep Carol Danvers from us for 20+ movies because every single Marvel movie with her in it would be 5 minutes long. She’s that good and that seemingly powerful. Can she take on the complicated time traveling, quantum-realm-jumping that’s necessary to bring back our beloved dusted heroes? Unclear. But she certainly is a weapon in the remaining Avengers arsenal that should have Thanos shaking at his retirement farm.

Nothing about Captain Marvel is bad, and there are parts and performances that are great. Ben Mendelsohn and Goose the Cat are absolutely the stand-outs here. It should be noted only two cat trainers are credited in the end credits which means Goose the Cat was a very good girl and a joy to act with and I will accept no other reality. It is saying something maybe that we aren’t singling out Brie Larsen. Look, she’s fine. She’s a lot more charismatic, charming and funny than the trailers showed her to be. To go into more detail about performances and choices would be deviating into spoilers but nobody here does a bad job.

I’m a woman who will go deep into YouTube reaction videos based off of 30 seconds of new End Game footage and yet can’t be bothered to crack a comic book open to delve deeper into the cannon of these characters and world building that Marvel has spent decades culminating on glossy paperbacks. I knew very little about Carol before walking into our screening and I needed the exposition of Kree v Skrull that some other seasoned readers may have found redundant. But the movie honestly isn’t very interested in holding your hand through out the film and once shit gets going you just better keep up. This isn’t a bad thing. For an origin story to necessitate as little exposition as it gave us is, fittingly, a marvel.

That’s not to say it’s without some origin story flaws; how she gets both her name and costume are a little cheesy and if I learned anything from Solo last summer it’s that people get angry when you give them unsatisfactory (or any at all) reason for a beloved characters NAME. ( I’ll never get it. I thought Solo was fun and great)

Will people who are anxiously waiting April 26 as it quickly approaches and we finally get to see how our non-dusty heroes bring back their less fortunate friends for all of their announced sequels enjoy Captain Marvel? Unclear. The mid-post credit scene will definitely get you hyped (and quite frankly will probably be the thing most people talk about after the performance of Goose, who again, is the cat)    Will the casual Marvel fan, if such a thing still exists, enjoy this film? It’s very possible. To me it didn’t feel like it would go over somebody’s head who hadn’t done the hours of prerequisite homework these films can sometimes necessitate. I honestly couldn’t tell you. Captain Marvel maybe falls somewhere in the middle. It’s a really fun ride that introduces us to the cosmic Heroine that could most definitely beat a jacked purple alien and all of his precious gems so long as she didn’t get the call too late. Time (in this case two months) will tell. We’re almost at the end of the line, we just need to be reminded to buckle up one last time.  



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