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Where Are They Now? Harry

After Harry's adventures with the Hendersons, he returned to his hole in a tree, and went back to work as a pine cone picker-upper.  The quick environmental changes took it's toll on him, and Harry started suffering from Gigantopithecus depression, a disorder commonly found in injured woodland creatures that are returned to their natural habit.  He started missing microwaved food, televisio

n, and people who communicated with words.

To cope, he started drinking Maple Syrup Moonshine to fill the void.  On October 16th, 1987, Harry went to work intoxicated.  Not paying attention to his job, Harry mistook his best friend, Barry the Bunny, for a pine cone and threw him into the burn pile.  Luckily, Barry escaped this incident with minor burns.  Devastated by his actions, Harry checked himself into the Red Wood Recovery Clinic.

Harry is now 24 tree-rings sober.  Barry moved in with Harry in 2008, and the two adopted two South African Swallows named, Brad and Angelina.