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They Should Elect The New Pope Based On Father Albinizi's Characteristics

Black smoke was seen today from the Vatican.  No, that doesn’t mean the smoke monster from Lost is on the loose, but to be on the safe side,  be ready to type  5, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

What the smoke means is that a new pope has not been chosen.  Granted it’s only day one of deciding who the new Pope should be but if they want help nominating a Pope that people will like, they should watch  The Pope Must Diet.

In the movie, the Pope dies and a new one has to be elected.  The secretary of the College of Cardinals is hard of hearing and accidentally announces the name of an honest priest, Giuseppe Albinizi, who has a similar

name of the priest that was elected.  Thus, Albinizi, becomes the new Pope, except he is different than most priests.  He loves Rock n Roll, women, cars and most importantly, he doesn’t rape children.  I was thinking the same thing, a priest who loves Rock N’ Roll is a must.

So to the Roman Catholic cardinals who have a say in electing the new Pope, if you learn something from this movie, elect a Pope with similar qualities as Father Albinizi.  I hear Russel Brand is available.

A not so fun fact – The Most Must Diet was originally called The Pope Must Die but the networks refused to promote the movie claiming the name was sacrilegious and offensive.



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