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Fund Zach Braff’s “Wish I Was Here”

I was excited when I watched the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign raise enough money to fund their movie.  In fact, I do believe, and I can quote myself on this, that “this would change the way that movies are funded.”

So now Zach Braff is taking a stab at raising the money himself.  You’d figure that someone like him could get funding for his movie and you’d be right.  What many of you don’t understand is that sometimes the people who give you their money feel like they are entitled to have a say, i.e. “I’m giving you my money so that means I know what’s best for the project.”  Essentially what I’m saying is that these investors would ruin his vision because they kill creativity.

So Braff went the Kickstarter route because he wants final say for his product, and why shouldn’t he?   Garden State is one of “those” movies.  You know the kind of movie that whenever it’s brought up in conversation people say, “I love that movie.  I think I’m going to watch it later”

So let’s support this because the world needs another movie that isn’t being held down by the cooperate man-hand.

To donate, CLICK HERE.



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