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Miami Connection is Now Streaming on Netflix

This was posted on Reddit by Jason Eisner, director of Hobo With a Shotgun:

“Miami Connection is one of the Alamo Drafthouse’s greatest cinematic discoveries. After much persistance, programmer Zack Carlson blind bought a 35mm print of the film on eBay for $50 from a very cautionary, reluctant seller. The first unveiling of this film yielded an unforgettable response that Carlson said “destroyed our audience in a more powerful way than anything else in the 15 years of our theater’s existence.”

Financed, produced and starring 9th degree black belt Grandmaster Y.K. K. (also a successful business entrepreneur and motivational speaker), the film saw a very limited theatrical release in Florida and sparse VHS release in 1987 before vanishing into obscurity… until now!”




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