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Where Are They Now? The Blair Witch

The Blair Witch moved to Philadelphia in 1999, and for the last 11 years she has been a high school substitute art teacher. The students have really connected with her unique style of teaching. Ashley Banking, a junior at Edward Bok High School, said, “I didn’t know it was possible to express myself with twigs, branches, and human teeth. I finally have MY voice. ”

With her partner, Maleficent, they run a small, support group for misunderstood witches. Maleficent commented on why she co-created this group, “I was merely trying to encourage Snow White to get more fruit in her diet. How am I a bad person for pushing the Four Food Groups on her?”

With her recent discovery of technology, The Blair Witch is trying online dating. According to her JDate profile, “I am looking for a Warlock that enjoys hiking, romantic comedies, and excessive amounts of cats. I enjoy reading, and communicating with the Devil. On weekends, when time permits, I like to visit my shack in the woods and think about why mortals are so dumb.”

The Blair Witch is still trying to master the art of killing someone by having them stand in a corner.  Even though her first attempt was successful, her most recent victims seem to get bored and fall asleep.

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  1. Besh Kempir April 15, 2011

    True story:
    The film maker took the name from the unwritten, unaired Facts Of Life 1995 special.
    In it Blair had recently moved to Olympia, WA and taken up paganism.
    Upon hearing Blair had converted to Wiccanism there us a scene where Natalie laughs and screams “Blair? Witch!”

    It was a crazy scene.

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