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Dear Misflix

  • Dear Misflix – Dissatisfied Rental Fan

    By dAn MCcAULEY on July 19, 2011
    Dear Misflix, Considering you share a part of their name, I thought you would have some insight on the recent shenanigans that Netflix has created.  I recently joined the Netflix family and today, out of left field, they change their prices dramatically.  I really enjoy getting a movie in the mail and being able to stream, but now I am […]
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  • Dear Misflix – Stuck in Stability

    By dAn MCcAULEY on July 6, 2011
    Dear Misflix, I have a solid job and life is incredibly stable.  But I keep thinking I'd be happier if I ventured out on my own (careerwise).  If it were just me, I'd go for it.  But I have a family and am the primary breadwinner.  Should I go for it, or hold off until later? Stuck in Stability Dear […]
  • Dear Misflix – On the Road Again

    By dAn MCcAULEY on June 24, 2011
    Dear Misflix, My problem is easy.  I missed home (Michigan) when I was living in LA.  Since moving back to Michigan I am having a tough time adapting.   I never realized when I moved to LA that leaving it behind was going to be so difficult.  Can you help me? “On the Road Again” Dear “On the Road Again,” […]
  • Dear Misflix – Conflicted In Canada

    By dAn MCcAULEY on June 15, 2011
    Dear Misflix, I recently found myself dating two men at the same time.  One is fairly good looking, romantic, and treats me with respect. The other is kind of a bad boy, doesn't call when he says he will, and often breaks plans with me at the last minute…but he is so sexy and can really work it in the […]
  • Dear Misflix – I'm Stuck in a Fat Rut

    By dAn MCcAULEY on June 10, 2011
    Dear Misflix, I've been working out for months and haven't noticed any change. What am I doing wrong? Fat Rut Dear Fat Rut, The problem is that you are working out.  No one works out these days to lose weight.  They go to the gym to show other people they are trying to shed those extra pounds and that it […]